Update on Blog

June 10, 2013

Hi all,

I just wanted to give a brief update to patient readers. If you saw on my other blog, you might have seen an announcement a few months ago: my wife is pregnant with our second child. Due date is in mid-October, so we’ve been busy preparing, plus I’m trying to be more helpful at home.

However, that doesn’t mean the blog has fallen away either. I had to focus on other projects for a while, but I am back and will be posting more poems soon. Are we’re nearing the end of the Hyakunin Isshu, I hope to finish all poems before the end of the year (before the baby is born if possible). πŸ™‚

Plus I have a few other interesting posts related to the Hyakunin Isshu as well I hope to post soon.

Stay tuned!

6 Responses to “Update on Blog”

  1. Congratulations and I completely understand (well done for going all domestic). Happy to read whenever you get a chance to post something!

  2. Celina said

    Congratulations! I love this blog so I’m just happy to read whenever you post.

  3. Eileen said

    Ganbatte! Watashi Karuta ga daisuki! I learnt a lot from your blog posts. It made me changed my mindset about these poems. I used to think poems are just something that sounds nice but didn’t know about the rich and beautiful story behind every single poems. I fell even more in love your the cards I learnt. motto motto suki.

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